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Beauti-Φ Collagen Supplement



It is possible to age healthily by adopting a proper lifestyle.

It is now known that certain foods and supplements can slow down normal degenerative conditions that occur with aging.

Up to 30% of all proteins in our body are Collagen and up to 70% of the proteins found in connective tissue are composed of collagen.

Aging, free radicals, and A.G.E (Advanced Glycation End-products) cause destruction of collagen.

Beauti-ϕ collagen formula can rebuild collagen and help improve your skin health and appearance.

This amazing product is a molecular complex formulated from hydrolyzed collagen without additional ingredients to improve efficacy, potency, and stability of the product. Beauti-ϕ collagen replaces old molecules that have been deteriorated due to effects of oxidizing free radicals, chemicals, toxins, and A.G.E which accumulate in our bodies over time.

Because hydrolyzed collagen is taken up by the body in a cumulative pattern, we suggest the use of an optimal dosage for its reconstructive effects.

This also means you need to use this supplement on a daily basis to achieve optimal results such as increased skin elasticity, improved texture of the skin, and reduction of wrinkles.

NOTE: If you’re pregnant or breast feeding, please consult a health care professional before using this product.

This product bears a valid product license known as NPN from Health Canada. (NPN# 80051639 ) . View here


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