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Moisture Lock Hyaluronic Serum

Skin stays hydrated, fresh-looking & plump with the dewy appearance of young skin


A naturally occurring substance found throughout the body, Je’Sui Jeune’s Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer forms a thin invisible barrier on the skin’s surface, pulling moisture from the air and hydrating the skin for greater suppleness, firmness, and a more youthful appearance.

• Softens skin
• Reduces wrinkles
• Stimulates new cell growth

DIRECTION FOR USE: Apply a thin layer of cream to affected area and allow time to dry.


Our airless packaging will ensure your product stay fresh, potent and clean.
If you can’t touch the product inside, you can’t contaminate the product. It just makes sense!


Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin


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